About us

Logo Association négaWattwww.decrypterlenergie.org is a project by the French négaWatt Association, whose members are energy experts and citizens. The activity and recommendations of the association aim at promoting an energy policy based on energy sufficiency, efficiency, and renewables. More on http://www.negawatt.org/english-presentation-p149.html.

Other organisations and independent authors have contributed to the content of this website, such as Hespul (a French renown NGO on photovoltaics).


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Considering the major issues related to the implementation of a genuine energy transition in France, this website aims at contributing to the discussion on our energy future.

Through www.decrypterlenergie.org, the négaWatt Association and its partners wish to share their expertise to address several common ideas or myths regarding energy, and more specifically the energy transition.

On this website, the priority has been given to reliable, quantitative, and well referenced facts. The objective is to provide quality information on energy issues to interested readers, be they policy-makers, economic leaders, citizens, journalists, students, etc.

Development and funding

The preparation and drafting of the content has been made possible thanks to many in kind contributions, as well as the regular financial support from the members and supporters of the négaWatt Association, allowing us to remain fully independent. If you would also like to contribute to the future development of this website, please see our ‘Support us’ page.

Under its ‘2 millions d’euros pour le climat’ fund, the Ile de France Region has also supported the development of this website.